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Are all eyebrows the same?

None of the semi permanent eyebrows I create are the same. You have the choice of Powdered, Ombre, Combination or hairstroke and then I measure the eyebrows to your face to ensure they are a perfect fit. Pigments are carefully colour matched to your natural hair and skin tone. Some clients do choose to go […]

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Does SPMU hurt?

This is a question pretty much every client asks me. Unfortunately there is a little discomfort during the semi permanent makeup treatment, however this is reduced as far as possible by the use of topical anaesthetics – this is a cream we apply to the area being treated.

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How long does SPMU last?

All treatments will depend on your skin type, age and most importantly how much UV ray exposure you have. Generally, semi-permanent make up lasts between 1-3 years. A colour boost is suggested every 6-12 months to keep your makeup looking fresh.

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